advanced boating

The Advanced Boater® Educational Video Series

A boating video series devoted to boating education. Boating offers the ultimate in its marvel of diverse recreation. Whether be on waterways of Lakes, Rivers, Deltas, Bays and even the Oceans. 

Boating education is out there but often missed with the lack of time one has to learn. Get the complete boating picture, increase your knowledge of boating for a safer passage. 

Whether traveling by power boat, sail boat, or other watercraft, these videos are invaluable. It is the ideal way to enjoy the waterways in fun and safe way. 

Taking your boat for a weekend trip or for a week long boat vacation? Want to learn about boating. These videos are for you. 

We hope you enjoy the Advanced Boating Video Series as much as we did producing it.

New Boating Video

New video coming soon: Steps Prior to Launching. Produced by long time boating educators for boaters.