Boating Videos

Enjoy your water recreation even more! Safely…

If variety is the spice of life, most certainly boating offers spice for a lifetime of enjoyment. 

The Advanced Boater® Educational Video Series collection lets you discover the joys of boating the safe way. It provides you with a new perspective to enjoy a great variety of water recreation. You will gain the confidence in using your water craft the correct way, whether it is powered by engine, wind or paddle.

Please enjoy your journey through the Advanced Boater boating education video series. While learning the art of boating don’t hesitate to get others in your family and friends evolved in this wonderful recreation. While involving them – educate them. While saving any life is important – saving ones love ones is priceless.

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Advanced Boater is the proud producer of the Advanced Boater® Educational Video Series we hope you’ll enjoy these boating video as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.