Advanced Boater Video Series

Advanced Boater is happy to introduce this unique opportunity to get more enjoyment from your watercraft. From large yachts to kayaks, avid boaters to fishermen you will discover that knowing about how to use your boat safely will invigorate and perhaps put even more pleasure back in your pleasure boating experience.

Advanced Boating Video Series will cover many of important boating issues facing today’s boater. While the variety of waterways of ocean harbors to bays, deltas to lakes and rivers can be enjoyable as well as doubting. Choose any aspect of boating you will quickly learn that the more you learn the more you can learn.

Our first in this video series is titled Trailer Boating  Part One will take you to through the basics of trailering  Part Two; You will discover how to launch your trailer boat the right way.

More titles will be available, if you wish to be notified please click here.